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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pedigree and Non Pedigree?

Pedigree is , a line of ancestors; a lineage. A list of ancestors; a family tree. A chart of an individual's ancestors used in human genetics to analyze Mendelian inheritance of certain traits, especially of familial diseases. A list of the ancestors of a purebred animal

What is a Puppy mill?

A puppy mill is a place that breeds dogs for profit only, without a care to health, temperament or behaviour. Puppy mill puppies are almost always poor in health, and can often be unstable of temperament. It is not unheard of for puppies to be sold as purebred dogs, but are, in reality, mixed breeds that resemble the purebred.

Owners who buy from pet stores or puppy mills, even backyard breeders often face serious illnesses requiring extensive veterinary care shortly after bringing the dog home. In some cases the dog has long-term and ongoing problems.

Why buy from Pet Corner?

While no future is written in stone, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that our puppies/kittens are as free from disease and undesirable temperament traits as possible.

Your purebred puppy, whether a pet or a show prospect, should include these things:

  • A pedigree of three generations or more
  • Titled Champions within the first two generations listed (parents or grandparents)
  • OFA certified hips and elbows (a score of "Good" or "Excellent" on both parents)
  • Eyes have been CERFed and free of genetic abnormalities
  • A guarantee that your dog is free from inheritable diseases and conditions, with replacement (not exchange) or refund terms, should something happen
  • Care and grooming information
  • A good, even temperament, usually well-matched to the family/home he is being placed into (keeping in mind that individual dogs may vary, and personality can be hard to determine at a young age)
  • A healthy, well-socialized puppy/kitten who should adjust easily
  • A mentor if you are planning to show, work, or breed your new dog/cat.

Selecting from working lines, or show lines, your new puppy will be well-equipped for whatever you require of it in a professional environment.

Do you sign a contract when you buy a pet at Pet Corner?

The answer to the above question is most certainly, a YES! When you buy from Pet Corner you will be signing a binding contract stating that if something (anything) happens, to this dog the store is the first to be told. You sign that if something happens to you, and you can no longer care for your dog, Pet Corner will be notified, so we may help you find a new home. You agree to spay or neuter your new pet as soon as possible to help prevent unwanted litters if your dog was bought as a companion. You agree to abide by any other terms and conditions set forth in the contract. If that means getting hips certified at age two, or eyes certified, you do so. As daunting as this is, if you think this over, you will realize that we have done this to protect our pets. And most people have no trouble signing these contracts with a clear conscience.

At Pet Corner we do our utmost best to make sure that none of our dogs ever end up in a shelter. We also guarantee your new dog's freedom from genetic diseases and defects for life, knowing that we has done the very best to breed best possible parent to the best possible parent and both were free from genetic problems.

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