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Golden/Syrian Hamster

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Name: Golden/Syrian Hamster
Breed: Golden/Syrian Hamster
Gender: Information Not Available
Size: Small
Age: 6 weeks
Country of Origin: Denmark
Availability: Available
Price: AED 200
Description: Although there are well over 40 various colors of Syrian hamsters there are only three types of coats, SHORT HAIR, Sometimes referred to as Fancy LONG HAIR, Often referred to as Teddy Bear. With long hairs the males hair is longer than that of the female. REX Not normally available in pet shops, the hair has the appearance of being lifted by shorter guard hairs. Rexes also have curly whiskers. All three coats also come in Satin, a gene that creates a glossy appearance because the hair is thinner and doesnt have as many airfilled cells which creates a more reflective surface.

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